Kitchen Uses

White Hat Kitchen is available for rent for food business that require an inspected and approved commercial kitchen to produce their product in. Our kitchen is well suited for teaching cooking classes, preparing products for retail sale, use as a test kitchen or creating meals for catered events or for delivery to customers.  If you are a chef looking to host a chef’s table or a pop-up restaurant this may be the place for you.

White Hat Kitchen is also available for non-business use. We have commercial grade appliances for bulk baking and cooking. It is great for big cooking jobs that require more space and equipment than a residential kitchen has. Canning, preserving, holiday baking and preparing for large family get togethers can all be done in our kitchen.

Nutritionists, dieticians and other food consultants can hold workshops in our kitchen to discuss and demonstrate special diet plans with clients.

Event Hosting

 The seating capacity of our venue is 24 people making it a good size for bridal or baby showers, private dinner parties, birthday parties, corporate events and other smaller gatherings. White Hat Kitchen would also be a suitable venue for club, networking and team meetings. Non-profit groups such as girl guides and sports teams can host team events and team dinners here as well. 

For small groups that just need a table or two we rent those too. This works well for groups that like to play bridge or euchre or do scrapbooking or have small workshops.

We are very open to other uses you might have for our kitchen or seating area. Please send us an email; we would love to discuss other uses for the space as well.

Perfect for Caterers

do it yourself wedding food barrie kitchen to rent caterer

… and Bakers and Cake Decorators

… and Retail Food Producers

… and Farmers’ Market Vendors

… and Specialty Chefs

… and Food Truck Operators

We have a commercial kitchen to rent

Most businesses in Barrie that want to sell food to the public need to produce it in a commercial kitchen to operate legally. Our commercial kitchen is available to rent by the hour making it possible for small food businesses to rent more time as their business grows.

See our kitchen

Our commercial kitchen is affordable to small business

Rent our kitchen as a profitable part of your business model or until you can better predict the income from your business. Use the cost and time savings to grow your business or be more profitable.

Prices for commercial kitchen rental

Our commercial kitchen is available to rent when you need it

Many food producers keep other jobs or have other important commitments to manage while they grow their business. Our kitchen is available to rent 24/7 to work with your schedule.

Contact us to book your time

Start a Food Business in Barrie today!

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and convenient place to use as a platform for your food business, we would love to invite you to consider our commercial kitchen. Please contact to get started.